Written Connections

for all the soft hearts that wished the world moved a little slower: a pen pal project to connect people around the world with letters full of love 💌





She’s a fitness guru, bread lover, and has a passion for fashion. When she’s not procrastinating on
Instagram edits, she’s crying over fictional worlds and trying new things.


Once a 2 out of 5 stars ugly baby, Breana is now a lovable, fun, and cute K-Pop fan who finally remembered how to read in 2020. She’s extra cute now and she won’t let you forget!


When she’s not baking pastries or updating her book blog, you can find her vacuuming her room and forcing her friends into new creative projects. Also, she hates bugs.


What is Written Connections?

Written Connections is a pen pal project created by Tiffany (@readbytiffany), Breana (@milkyboos), and Alexandra (@twirlingpages). It was initially inspired as an effort to support the United States Postal Service (USPS) and bring people together during these uncertain times.

How does it work? How do I join?

When applications are open (they are currently closed), you can use the sign-up link on the main page of our carrd to sign up and provide some information about yourself. Then, we match you with someone we think you’d get along with and you send letters according to prompts that we email to you! We also set deadlines for when letters need to go out. Everyone who signs up will get a match.

If you sign up, you are REQUIRED to follow through with the entirety of the project. Failure to comply will result in ban from future projects.

When is the next round opening?

Sign-ups are currently closed. Our next project will likely take place in the fall, so keep an eye out on our social media for more updates!

Do I have to be a Patreon?

We are currently requiring a $1 donation for all future accepted applicants.

When applications open, you are required to sign up and pay via Patreon. If you don't want to pay a recurring membership, you can cancel at any time! However, we have multiple Patreon tiers with exciting rewards, so if you'd like to stay for extra goodies, you're more than welcome to.

Help! I signed up but didn’t receive an email of my match information.

For our July project, the first round of emails with your match's information included will go out June 19, 2020.

If you didn’t receive an email, please email us at writtenconnections@gmail.com immediately. We will work on rematching you as soon as possible!

Why was I dropped?

There may be multiple reasons for being dropped. The most common are:

1. We sent you an email that had a strict response deadline, and you did not respond in time.
2. You made a mistake on your application that we warn you about before submission (ex. incomplete mailing addresses, email typos, incorrect payment).
3. Your pen pal has not received any letters from you during the project, and when we reached out to you to discuss this, you did not respond.
4. You shared your pen pal's personal information without their permission (this also results in a lifetime block from participating in our projects).

But I confirmed in time!

If you can provide proof that you confirmed in time, it’s likely a mistake on our part. We receive hundreds of emails a day, and we apologize if we made a mistake! Please contact us via email at writtenconnections@gmail.com so we can remedy it ASAP.

Help! I didn’t receive my letter.

If you’re having issues with your match, reach out to us at writtenconnections@gmail.com. We’ll double check with your match that they sent their letter. If they did, find patience in the process that is snail mail. :)

Do I have to follow the prompts provided?

Nope! We provided themes and prompts so it’ll be easier for you to create something for your match – especially since it can get tricky writing to someone you don’t know that well. However, you’re welcome to disregard the prompts and create something of your own! The ones provided are suggestions.

Do I continue writing to my match after this is over?

That’s completely up to you! If you’d like to continue, feel free to do so. However, you are only required to send the three letters for the duration of the project.